ED&F Man Sugar is a proud partner of leading sugar certification agencies. We play an important role in the supply chain, informing sugar producers of new certifications and helping them to get certified, to advising clients of accredited sugars and increasing the volumes of sales of certified sugars.

Certified Sugars

ED&F Man Sugar has for many years been a leading promoter of sustainably certified sugars. The actions have been driven by both establishing and optimising standards within the Sugar sector, as well as understanding new certification opportunities, whether driven by farming practices at origin or consumer demands at destination. Today we work closely with sugar producers and sugar consumers, as well as the certification bodies directly, to optimise the role certification can play in the supply chain.


ED&F Man Sugar has a long history of moving Fairtrade certified sugars from origin to destination. Whether raw or refined sugars, conventional or organic, ED&F Man Sugar is proud to bring these sugars to end users and pay the fixed premiums back to farmers cooperatives.

The impact of the Fairtrade premium on sugar growers and their local communities is immense and something which we have seen first-hand across many continents. The premiums have a genuine impact on the quality of life of some of the poorest farmers.

All partners in the Fairtrade supply chain must be certified and have a unique accreditation number. Accredited parties are audited annually to ensure trust in the certification and supply chain.

For further information on Fairtrade please click here. If you would like to discuss opportunities for your company to become Fairtrade certified, please contact us.


As a founding member of Bonsucro – originally known as the Better Sugarcane Initiative – ED&F Man have been at the forefront of introducing and growing this sugar-specific certification.

Bonsucro focuses on responsible and sustainable sugar production, from the farms and farmers, through harvesting and to final sugar production. For sugars to be sold as Bonsucro certified, all stages and partners in the supply chain must be certified, meaning a clear and auditable supply chain.

For further information on Bonsucro please click here. If you would like to discuss opportunities for your company to become Bonsucro certified, please contact us.


ED&F Man Sugar are one of the leading organic sugar merchants in the world, with sales worldwide and developed distribution networks in Europe and across the United States.

Working with partner mills at origin, ED&F Man Sugar source a variety of sugars from different origins to meet specific requirements of clients in destination markets.

ED&F Man Sugar also produces a number of organically certified added value products, including liquid and invert sugars, specialist bee and animal feeds and organic rum and alcohols.

For further information on our organic products please contact us.

Regenerative agriculture

With the ever-increasing awareness of regenerative agriculture and the important benefits this can have in the supply chain, ED&F Man Sugar is exploring how we can work with producers, certification agencies and clients to raise awareness of this shift in agricultural processes.

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