ED&F Man began merchanting commodities in 1783 and sugar was one of the founder’s, James Man, first products. Since then ED&F Man Sugar has developed a global network, from producers, through logistics providers to final clients, meaning we move sugar from origin to destination when needed.

When conducting business, sustainability is a key driver for ED&F Man Sugar. As a founding member of Bonsucro – originally known as the Better Sugarcane Initiative – we’ve set measurable environmental and social standards for producing sugarcane.

We’ve signed up to help both mills to produce and clients to source sustainable certified sugar and we’re promoting long-term viability for sugar production by upholding standards for:

  • farmers’ land rights
  • labour rights
  • combatting climate change

  • conserving biodiversity

  • ‘enterprise resilience’ – helping farmers prepare for change

Values and commitment

In Sugar we value relationships with our customers, suppliers, service providers and other stakeholders who want sustainable products and supply chain solutions. We target the highest standards with respect to product quality and service and take extra measures to ensure these standards. We are fully committed to the health and safety of our employees and all other stakeholders, promoting impact projects and other community support programs in the places we conduct business. We also strive to play a role in environmental solutions.


We recognise each other’s differences, valuing the rich diversity of our workforce and our customers. We seek out alternative views and value all contributions, aiming to build positive and long-lasting partnerships based on trust and respect.

We seek to protect the environment and enhance the prosperity and wellbeing of the communities in which we work. We collaborate and communicate openly and honestly.


We create partnerships built on teamwork, trust, and reliability. We challenge what we believe to be wrong and champion fair, honest and ethical business practices.

We operate robust risk management, and we keep our social and environmental responsibilities at the core of what we do.


We believe that we will be successful if we have motivated employees who receive fair rewards for their efforts.

Employees have an equal opportunity to build a long-term career at ED&F Man. An individual’s progression and reward are based on achievements and ability, not position or status.

Leadership is selected on the basis of track record and the capacity to develop others.

Client Focus

We strive to build lasting partnerships with our customers and aim to exceed their expectations by creating additional value.

We are a reliable, innovative, and flexible partner wherever our customers choose to work with us.

We are ‘as good as our word’ and can be trusted to perform, something that our customers value in an increasingly uncertain world.

Our capacity to construct comprehensive solutions based on deep commodities and financial expertise is valuable to our customers as they seek to maximise their own profitability and mitigate complex global risk factors.


We act upon opportunities, creating and championing new business ideas and hold ourselves accountable for their success.

We constantly seek ways to be more efficient and competitive, challenging the status quo. We create new ideas and build solutions that inspire others to do the same. We take responsibility for turning our ideas into reality. We learn from our mistakes and are determined to improve and succeed.

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