Bagged and bulk sugars

ED&F Man is at the forefront of the global commodity trade of raw and white sugar. With sourcing relationships worldwide and a well established logistical network to move the physical product, ED&F Man Sugar move over 5 million tonnes of sugar per year.

Whether a delivery is taken from the global sugar exchanges, or a commercial contract is put in place with a mill for a specific product, ED&F Man sugar can source and supply the sugar you require on agreeable terms.

Speciality Sugars

ED&F Man is well established in the sourcing, distribution and production of speciality sugars, with specialist teams and in-house expertise to ensure clients get exactly the product they require.

Speciality sugars range from bagged organic and Fairtrade sugars, through demerara and turbinado products, to added value products including liquid and invert sugars, soft brown sugars and alternative sugars.

For any bespoke needs, ED&F Man Sugar’s in-house R&D team can discuss specific applications and help to find the exact solution customers require.

Bottlers Grade sugar
Our strict quality control means we can supply bottlers grade sugar, which we supply to some of the most famous brands in the food and drinks industry.

Blended sugar
We also supply blended-sugar products, such as ready-made drinks, sold under our customers’ brands.

Alcohol & Ethanol

ED&F Man has a long history trading alcohol – we supplied the British Royal Navy with rum for almost 200 years.

Today we have the ability to select and support producers of biofuel, industrial ethanol and beverage-grade ethanol. Our teams can deal with all types of logistic related services such as handling bulk shipment’s, ISO tanks and drums.

Industrial ethanol
Ethanol is also used for industrial applications, such as preserving food and mixing paints, inks, antifreeze, detergents, toiletries and perfumes.

Beverage-grade ethanol
If you’re a drinks-manufacturer, we will provide you with food-grade ethanol with the highest degree of purity to help you ferment and distil alcoholic drinks, such as whiskey, brandy and rum.

We can also supply clean-burning ethanol to use as a renewable fuel and octane-booster.

Alcohol and rums
We produce in-house and with partner distillers speciality alcohols, including the first organic, Fairtrade and Bonsucro certified rum. Our alcohol is sold both under our own brands, Bonfier and James Man, as well as supplied to spirit manufacturers who further adapt it to meet their precise needs.

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