ED&F Man Sugar’s Sustainability Strategy is central to our approach to business, incorporating pledges of how we conduct business and a commitment to helping increase standards throughout the sugar supply chain.

The Sugar business has identified the following 4 pillars which together constitute the ED&F Man Sugar sustainability pledges:

The Pillars of our Sustainability Strategy

Responsible Sourcing

We commit to sourcing all products and ingredients responsibly to provide supply chain assurance and reduce sourcing risks

Environmental Stewardship

We will work to continuously improve the environmental impact of our products and businesses

Improving Livelihoods

We will work with partners to ensure stakeholders are treated fairly and develop focused projects to support and improve the lives of identified stakeholders


We will put policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance to applicable regulations.  We aim to increase satisfaction of our employees through improved company policies and clear communication

Sustainabilty Reports

Our parent company, ED&F Man Commodities, publishes Sustainability reports covering ED&F Man Sugar which can be found here.

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